• Indie Grits

    Indie Grits

    Finished up the festival poster! This was a lot of fun to draw. All the illustrations are from some of the films you'll see at the Fest! So hard to narrow them down, the films this year are just so good. 

    These are going to be printed by the awesome Half and Half and are available for pre-order now here

  • Fiddletree/ Makers

    Struck out in the rain today to drop off new work for Farmbar at Fiddletree! It was beautiful as always. Such a great bunch of people. The little Farmbar roving Spartanette  was curated with an incredible selection of stuff. I wanted everything in there and was totally stoked to have my tiny selection of Gin Bay goods in such great company. 

    Luke was in it for the dogs. 


    Then we went to visit Katie and Joseph who were selling their beautiful stuff at a little market at SpaceCraft Studios. Have been wanting to check this place out, glad we finally did! They're awesome. Aside from all the great stuff inside, I'm lusting after this succulent box out front- does anyone know what that one on the far right is?! I LOVE IT. 

  • More new!

    More new!

    So I've been wanting to get into working with ceramics for real for a long time now, and this past month I've finally done it. Still just getting started but am now pretty obsessed. I've been putting many of the pieces in the shop as soon as they're ready, with a bunch of new ones coming next week as well. 

    Also just want to really thank everyone who's been so supportive and awesome about it all. You're the best. 

  • Wild Cherry Spoons

    Wild Cherry Spoons

    Just finished these two new spoons yesterday! Made from a small wild cherry tree I chopped down from our forest. Cherry's pretty tough to carve, (or maybe I'm just out of practice) but worth it! I love these spoons. 

    They're available in the shop.