Jen Ray


I am made of everything I have seen.

- Henri Matisse

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All natural handmade marigold flower ink. 

I foraged these flowers from leftovers at Boone Fox Farm in Columbia SC for the Day of the Dead, November 2, 2023. Over 150 marigolds went into this small batch. 

This ink can be used in a pen, with a brush just like watercolor paint, or in any other way you like. The color is a warm, rich marigold yellow/ orange, like evening sunshine. Sometimes an interesting, vegetal green-gold comes through as well. 

A chunk of each purchase will go to the World Central Kitchen, who are on the ground daily giving care and hot meals to those left behind after death and tragedy, in Gaza and everywhere else. 

Natural ink is alive and full of subtle inconsistencies and changes. This is all part of the magic, enjoy the surprises!
For permanence, archive your work with a spray fixative like Spectrafix. 

30 ml glass bottle with dropper
Each bottle with handwritten details. 
Very limited edition

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